Professional Commercial Cleaners in Perth

Customising Your Commercial Cleaning Programme to Maximise Value

A warehouse obviously has different cleaning requirements and needs than an office environment. You should always choose a cleaning company services depending on their amount of experience with your company’s type of work environment.

Once you have decided on a professional commercial cleaning company, you should also be sure that they are able to customise the services they offer based on your individual company, not just on your business type.

Make Sure You Choose an Experienced Cleaning Service with References

Many commercial cleaning companies and services offer a long list of services that they offer. These lists are often drawn up to just to counter those offered by their competitors.

If you have need of a specialised type of cleaning, ask for references of experience in that specific area. Every qualified cleaning service should be happy to offer numerous references of businesses that are satisfied customers, which you can check independently.

Ensure that Their Cleaning Practices and Products are Safe

If you have specialised surfaces or materials to be cleaned, make sure the cleaning practices used on them, as well as the cleaning products, are safe. A reputable cleaning company will be able to provide you with a list of the cleaning products they use on various surfaces.

You can check online with the product’s manufacturers to determine whether they will be safe to use on your company’s facilities.

The commercial cleaning company should also be able to provide references to past customers who have been satisfied by the cleaning practices of like surfaces and materials.   

Arrange Your Cleaning Schedule to Benefit Your Company

A reputable cleaning company will work with you to set up a schedule that ensures that they are able to fulfil your cleaning requirements, while having no impact on your company’s productivity.

A reputable commercial cleaning company will perform their work during off-hours or weekends. Be sure to draw up a master schedule of what tasks they will perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you have a need to make changes to the master schedule, it can be easily done to everyone’s satisfaction.

Develop a Relationship with Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Being able to have and develop a personal contact with a cleaning company representative will make your life easier.

Accidents do happen. Know that you can easily contact a cleaning service representative and they will respond to an emergency at any hour of the day or night.

By maintaining a relationship with your cleaning service, you can both address upcoming issues in your company’s development or prepare for future cleaning requirements or changes in your cleaning schedule.

This will help you to be pro-active in maintaining your company’s cleanliness and hygiene standards for years to come.